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Fire Protection

Fire protection is one of the basic requirements for any office, industrial unit or public building – you need to protect your staff, visitors and customers.

All our systems comply with legal requirements which comply with BS5839 and the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005, as well as EU directives.

Fire detection and alarm systems are used to detect and alert occupants in the event of a fire-related emergency. These systems typically use a combination of heat, ionisation smoke, optical smoke and carbon monoxide detection methods.

The most secure, efficient fire detection and alarm system will use several of these types of detectors in conjunction with each other. Each detector is either mains linked or is a wireless/radio device that connects with all other detectors, call points, break glasses and sounders/visual indicator devices in the system. This means that should one detector detect a fire, the message is then relayed to all of the other connected devices.

These types of fire detection system are mains-powered but incorporate a battery backup for when the main power supply fails.
When all alarms and sounders are activated in a fire detection system, it gives the occupants of the premises more time to escape before the exits are blocked or damaged by the fire. Singular alarms will only alert the immediate area rather than the surrounding premises that may also be/become compromised.

.There are many types of fire alarm systems each suited to different building types and applications. A fire detection system can vary dramatically in both price and complexity, from a single panel with a detector and sounder in a small commercial property to an addressable fire alarm system in a
multi-occupancy building. Systems have to protect both buildings and occupants.

The categories of fire alarm systems are L if they are designed to protect life, P to protect buildings and M if they are manual systems.

We work with number of industry leading manufacturers

Door Entry Systems

Choosing an Access Control System (Door Entry System)

Access Control manages who goes in and out of your premises. It can be as simple as an Audio Kit, a single electronic keypad or as complex as a multi way system.

How many doors/ buildings do you need to secure?
Do you need different levels of access to certain areas such as server rooms or cash offices?
Do you want to control who goes out as well as in?
How will people exit in an emergency or power cut?
How will you allow legitimate visitor access, do you need an intercom?

We supply a high quality, competitively priced kit solution that creates a great security

solution in residential, commercial or industrial premises. It allows remote viewing of your CCTV system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. You can give yourself peace of mind & capture incidents when they occur via any internet connected personal computer or smartphone.

Emergency Lighting

LED technology is rapidly taking over the lighting business, providing not only an attractive alternative to its conventional counterparts but also proving to provide long term savings in energy and subsequent replacement costs.
In addition to energy savings, LEDs in general illumination applications provide longer operating life (in the region of up to 50,000 hours), directionality, compact size, ease of control and dimmability compared to incumbent technologies they replace.

The LED has many benefits that should be highlighted to customers during a site survey, such as:-

· LED lights last longer than conventional lighting
· They create less waste and boast more easily recycled components
· Cost saving over a longer period of time
· The LED pros outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing efficient, cost effective lighting

solutions for commercial, residential or industrial properties.

We have a great range of emergency lighting including LED Exit Signs, LED Bulkheads, LED Twin spots, LED Downlights.

The majority of our emergency lighting comes as either 3 hour maintained and non- maintained and is also available with self-test mode and pictogram